The Dating Diary is a heartfelt comedy set in North London, exploring the life of Amelia as she approaches her 30th birthday. Amelia (MELISSA JESSICA AMER) is feeling the weight of societal expectations as she grapples with her lack of “milestones”. Having never experienced love or success in relationships & stuck in a career she hates, Amelia turns to her confident & outgoing ‘influencer’ best friend, Laura, (SHANIKA OCEAN ). Together, they navigate the modern dating landscape, complete with dating apps, social media pressures, and an array of unforgettable characters.

This relatable, high-energy production will resonate with audiences approaching their 30s, or those looking back on that period in their lives. It is a story full of fun, laughter, and love, with a powerful message about embracing our imperfections and appreciating the lives we lead, free from societal pressures.

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